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Normal opinion is perceived as being the public or common opinion. It is seen as a "true" opinion. This is the opinion that is held by the vast majority of people. Deviant opinion is deemed the "false" opinion. Adorno describes deviant opinion as an "opinion of an extreme, eccentric, bizarre nature." Despite the fact that these two opinions are at totally different ends of the spectrum, they can both be considered as pathological opinions. Adorno defined pathological opinion as "a hardened opinion, reified consciousness, and the damaged capacity for a full experience." Pathological opinions are views that have prejudice that prevents you from thinking or using the reasons to see whether something is right or not. If your capacity to have a full experience is damaged then you are limited to what you think and feel. Two forces that help make an opinion pathological are Narcissism, the love of one self, and Socialism.

Narcissism and Socialism is something that is instilled into the very being of our human nature. It is our instincts to perceive our opinions as our personal possessions; something we must defend if it's being questioned by anyone else. We believe in our opinions as we believe in our ourselves and if that is being questioned or attacked, we feel as though we are having to defend our entire personality or existence, not just a mere opinion. Socialism is also a survival instinct that we are equipped with at a very young age. Socialism uses dynamics between normal and deviant opinions. The Norms that we experience in our lives are established from the time we enter this world. Our families create the biggest part of our foundation of normalcy. Woven into the very fibers of our beings are the traditions and customs of our families, the fact...