Opinion on Imperialism

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Imperialism can be and is a very strong tool of the trade. But also can be a weapon that can back fire at any moment in the users face. With the right leader in position I believe that imperialism is a good thing but only to a certain point.

If imperialism is used to move toward globalization I believe that it is an evil but if it used to play the role of a police man it can be justified. Britain for example used it to increase their personal welfare, an excellent strategy on their part but not for others exspecially those in Africa. Although if they wouldnt have had as much competetion with country such as France and other european countrys may have slowy moved toward globilization and today they just might have been in control of 3/4 of the world. Another reason too much territory control is a negitve is because it makes it hard for the leader of the dominate country to control all of their land and the people living in that land.

Because of this difficulty countrys have been know to resort to abuse and unfair treatment of the newly aquired lands inhabitants, just as Britain did with India. They did this just to intimidate the poeple and keep them under their control.

A great use of imperialism I think is using it to set up influental areas to increase trade. I believe we should have followed along with the actions of Britain when they set up a sphere of influence in China. Other good use is use it to police and to protect your own boarders. For example Hawyi. Hawyi was an excellent imperialistic move on the United states part. It set up a great location and harbors for protection of the western coast.