Is the opinion of the majority always right?

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Is the opinion of the majority always right? This is the problem that questions man kinds for centuries and yet no one has truly grasps its nature. Even though the opinions of the majority stands its significance, it should not represent the whole social body, and most definitely is not always correct. Through examples of racial discrimination in South Africa 1950 and the holocaust, it will be evident that the majority is not always right.

Apartheid occurred in USA during the 1970's, the "white's" considered themselves as the superiors, where most of them believed themselves as 'higher in the social hierarchy', causing the African Americans to suffer from racial segregation. These innocent souls were the victims of the oppressive political regime, they received nothing but torture. Although this tragic and disheartening period has finally passed, it is because the opinions of the majority has changed. These immoral and brutal actions were accepted throughout the 1970's, which should not be tolerated.

Like the Apartheid in USA, another dishonoring and disgraceful period of time was during the Holocaust, in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler the notorious chancellor of Nazi Germany created an