This is an opinion of the war in Iraq.

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If America has learned anything lately, it is that getting into war is easy, but getting out is almost impossible. That statement should not discourage countries from involving themselves in foreign conflicts. More recently, United StatesPresident George W. Bush ordered , sent troops to Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein, acknowledged by all as their sinister leader. Prior to the decision to invade Iraq, all sources indicated that Saddam Hussein had possession of weapons of mass destruction. Most importantly, the United States had support from other countries such as the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Tony Blair has recently stated that he still supports the invasion although no weapons of mass destruction have been located. For all we know diabolical weapons may have been destroyed or still hiding someplace never to be seen again. But the fact is Saddam had used nerve gas on his own people, and intelligence reports and Iraqi defectors indicated he was working on even worse military hardware to be used against America.

t was right for America to protect themselves against threats such as Iraq. However, when the primary reasons of entering a war prove to be false, the entire situation may have a new outlook. Many will argue, and all are correct in saying that we had no rights to involve ourselves in Iraq because no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. It is necessary to acknowledge that although the primary reasons for involving yourself in a foreign conflict may not prove true, that does not suggest the country is wrong for involving themselves.