Opiods and Psych stimulants

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Their impact on the CNS?The similarities of Opioids and Psycho stimulants and the impact on the CNS, is that they both often include alterations in consciousness and cognition, and range from mild drowsiness to profound sedation, euphoria to delirium with hallucinations. The differences of them both is that one Opioids is use as a chronic pain medication regimen, the psycho stimulants- medications used to prevent the sleepiness or decreased alertness.

Their regulation by DEA?The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has "establish a categorizing drug system for legislation of medical uses for drugs" (Online Lecture, 2008). Prescriptions for drugs in all schedules must bear the physician's federal Drug Enforcement Administration. Opioids and psycho stimulants as to the regulation of the(DEA) is that the drugs both has a potential of being use inaproperately,and thus run the risk of becoming addictive. Opioids are not name brand narcotics, so their street value is not of high worth on the street.

Wherefore, being that psycho stimulants are a brand name prescribe medication and is recognized as the "real thing." There street value is of high worth. Both of these drugs are self-administered, trigger dopamine that is a common "reward pathway," and habit forming.

Their image in culture?Culturally speaking when it comes to the use of opioids and psycho stimulants in our culture, there is the theory of use. In the residential area that is to be thought about as rich localities. The drugs are not identified as being abused, or in like matters to cause any disruption on the users or their environment. However, in low-income areas the drugs causes consequences on the users as well as the community. People in these areas are seeking cultural-identity. Personal, social, and economic. These substances cause etiology of individual environment. A remarkable influence that construct drug dependency. People in low-income community where there is not a lot of jobs, social, and economics resources tend to become an area for all sort of abuses. Drug abuse has led to the low-income community being prevalent of streetwalking, HIV, and more and more people relying on unlawful drugs.

"Narcotics can be administered in a variety of ways. Some are taken orally, transdermally (skin patches) or injected. They are also available in suppositories. As recreational drugs, they are often smoked, sniffed or self-administered by the more direct routes of subcutaneous ("skin popping") and intravenous ("mainlining") injection (NationMaster, 2008).

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