Oppinions on Teen Sex

Essay by JetPlane1High School, 10th gradeA-, May 2005

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On the issue of teen sex I personally am apposed to it, however it is very much so a personal decision and I don't push my thoughts on others. There are so many things to take into consideration when dealing with teen sex such as your values, religion, pregnancy, STD's, personal health, and whether you're truly ready or not. I think having sex in high school is just dense, because realistically your high school boyfriend isn't exactly going to mean the world to you in a few years to you. Having sex is like giving a part of you away.

Getting pregnant during high school can really affect your future such as college and career options. The sad fact is that every year in the U.S., about a million teens get pregnant. No birth control method is 100% effective therefore every time you have sex you put yourself at risk.

When you have sex, you're also at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. Getting an STD is really serious. While some of them can be cured with medication, others like Herpes aren't curable, and will affect you for the rest of you life. And there is no cure for AIDS, which could end your life. You can protect yourself from almost every sexually transmitted disease by simply not having sex.

I'm not exactly sure what my parents views are on this or what they were when they were teenagers.