Opportunities facing Publix Supermarkets. Part of a S.W.O.T. Analysis for Publix.

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Publix supermarkets face endless possibilities. In good standing with consumers, Publix can venture beyond the average supermarket and take advantage of many external opportunities. These opportunities include: expanding their ethnic and health related foods, installing liquor stores and increasing store operating hours and spreading development into the northern states. Other opportunities could involve offering food-tasting booths, free cooking classes and providing complimentary valet parking.

The majority of Publix are located in Florida where minority groups are growing rapidly. Our recommendation would be to expand their ethnic product line. By doing this, Publix could target an entirely new market without disturbing their current one. Another segment under satisfied is the health market. Many Americans are revolting against the recent genetic engineering of fruits and vegetables. Our suggestion would be to remove all traces of these products and promote a more wholesome Publix.

On the other hand, America is still consuming their share of alcohol.

If Publix were to open their own detached liquor store, they could draw in the patrons that they are currently losing to Albertsons and Walgreens. This would not defer the family shoppers because the liquor sore is a separate entity from the rest of Publix. Albertons and Winn Dixie are also threats to Publix because they are open later hours. It would be reasonable to expand Publix's early closing hours to accommodate those late night shoppers.

Publix, and especially the new Super Publix, has been such a success in Florida that its next logical step would be to expand further north. Already operating a small number of stores in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, expansion would just be another stop on distribution's route.

New products emerge on supermarket shelves almost every week. A good way to promote new food items would be to have tasting...