Opportunity, Hopes, and Dreams in America

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Throughout history many new civilizations have been established separate from the leading power at the time. This fact holds true during the colonial period of history as well. The main reason for immigration to America was that it offered new opportunities, hope, and dreams long lost in the immigrant's native country.

The very first colony started in America in 1606 was a place that offered numerous benefits for the English. Besides the rumors of gold and diamonds and other riches, it offered a new start for people at the end of their ropes in England. Many of the people who left for the English settlement in Virginia were looking for something new and different that could change their lives. They had dreams of wealth and fame. Unfortunately that was hardly the case and stark reality set in when they arrived. They realized they would have to work in order to earn a living.

The first example of a group of people who left their country because of religious persecution is the pilgrims. The pilgrims left England in September 1620 for America. The New World offered the pilgrims, also known as the separatists, an opportunity to worship freely and still teach their children English customs. The hopes and dreams that they could set up their own colony completely free of religious intolerance lured them to America.

A similar colony was established because of religious persecution and intolerance was Pennsylvania. The Puritans left for America because they were not liked in England. They knew that in order to live a peaceful life they would have to establish a colony in America. Peace and tolerance was the Puritan's dream for the planned colony in America. Lead by William Penn, in 1681 they founded Pennsylvania in hopes of creating a peaceful and...