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I choose the Death Penalty as my topic because I think that it's one of the most important and most debated issue today. All people have their own views on this issue, some are for it, while others are against it. But I didn't think I knew enough about it, so I decided to do a research paper on this topic.

I already knew some things about the death penalty. First off, all it takes a very long period of time after the court decision until the execution, some thing like ten years or even longer. There are also different ways of execution. One method is the Electric Chair; This is when they put a person on a chair, which is connected to the high voltage. Guards strap his hands, legs, and head to the chair, and then turn the power on. Another way of execution is Lethal Injection: The doctor takes a syringe and puts some kind of poison in to it, and then injects it in to person's body.

People of all ages, religions, and races are executed. Usually people who are on the death row live in a singe person chamber. That is about all I know about the Death Penalty.

By doing this research I am trying to find out more information on following things: How long does it really take for a person to wait for his/her execution and why? What are the chances of an innocent person being executed? How expensive is each execution and why?

Many people have opposing views on the use of the Death Penalty because it is unclear whether or not Death Penalty is an effective deterrent for crime in the United States. I want to know what both sides have to say about each side of the argument.