Opression And Puritian Ideals

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Most of the readings from this semester were from the Puritan Era. It was the beginning of the American dream and the ideals that go along with it. Ideals like home of the free, and land of the brave; but we have seen through the writings of the time this was not totally true. America was home of the free if you were a white male. All minorities and women were oppressed during this time and these practices came to be law until this century. We see this ideals form in both the writing of the Puritans along with the writings of the minorities of that time. John Smith and Jonathan Edwards are two writers that wrote about oppression from the side of the white male. Olaudah Equiano, Harriet Beecher Stowe were two black people who wrote about the oppression they endured. Mary White Rowlandson was a women, but also a Puritan who was kidnapped by Indians, so even though she is a woman, she writes to oppress the Native American people.

John Smith was one of the founders of America; he was one of the first groups of settlers trying to tame this land. Taming the land to Smith meant taming and controlling the Indians of the land. He saw them were uncultured and savage who needed to be out into their place. This is seen in his writing "Advertisement for the Unexperienced Planters of new England, or Anywhere, Or the Path way to Experience to Erect a Plantation", he talks about using all the riches and resources of the land of the good of the English and to oppress the Indians of their land and wealth. "The Warres in Europe, Asia, and Africa, taught me how to subdue the wild Salvages in Virginia and New England,