Option 3 – Green Product Design and Marketing Develop a 'green' product idea and devise an appropriate marketing strategy.

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Table of content1.0 Introduction22.0 Company profile23.0 Green product design33.1 What is the solar cooker?33.1.1 Box cookers33.1.2 Curved concentrator cookers33.1.3 Panel cooker33.1.4 Hybrid cookers43.2 How does the solar cooker works?43.3 Advantages of solar cookers53.4 Disadvantages of solar cooker54.0 PEST analysis of Mauritius64.1 Politico-legal environment64.2 Economical environment64.3 Social environment64.4 Technological environment75.0 SWOT analysis of Eco-Living company85.1 Strength of Eco-Living Company85.2 Weakness of Eco-Living Company95.3 Opportunities of Eco-Living Company95.4 Threats of Eco-Living Company96.0 Marketing objectives107.0 Marketing strategies117.1 Target market 1 - Hotels117.2 Target 2 - People in coastal regions11Target 3 - People in upper regions128.0 Financial forecast139.0 Conclusion / Recommendation1310.0 References14Green product design and marketing1.0IntroductionPollution, green house effect, acid rains, depletion of the ozone layer, melting of ice burgs at the poles among others are all scaring words that are defining the state of our planet. Most of the world's population depends on biomass to fulfil their domestic energy needs but today people are being more conscious and are moving towards green products and are starting to use solar energy rather than energy from burning coal.

This is why today many companies are investing in solar energy products and one of the companies is Eco-Living Company. The latter is planning to introduce the solar cooker in Mauritius. However before the introduction of the product, the company has to study the market and target different groups of people with its different marketing mixes. Furthermore a financial forecast will be done later on in this report.

2.0 Company profileEco-Living Company is a company which has existed since 1960. The company's mission statement is to be the number one company to provide 'green' products. It is a multinational company and has proven its success in countries like India, South Africa, Malaysia, Madagascar and Australia. The company is specialised in green products and has been providing solar...