An oral Expose, on how does war create peace in "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien.

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How does war creates peace in "The Things They Carried"We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it. ~Dwight D. EisenhowerThis what Eisenhower believes, this what the government believes, they believe that you have to shed blood to create peace. Everyone understands that there is no war for the sake of peace however there is war for the sake of power and greed. The government always starts to fight or begins any kind of conflict when problems start. War seems to be an easier problem solver than peace. However, how does the government makes his folk fight if war is a contradiction for freedom? The trick is that it says that the war for the sake of peace. In Tim O'Brien's book "The things they carried", which is written about the young soldiers drafted to Vietnam war, creates a peace within, he doesn't write only about the cruelty of war, he also write that they never felt more at peace.

Tim O'Brien creates peace within his book or war by showing the particular story of Mary Anne, by using his style in describing that war wasn't only about killing, by showing that those soldiers only feel at peace during the war and by reaching death they also reached eternal peace.

The best example of an individual that found peace during the war, during all those fights is Marry Anne. She came to Vietnam as a peaceful girl, she didn't have in mind to fight and she wasn't supposed to, she came to that place of hell for the sake of love for her boyfriend, so they wouldn't be apart anymore. It was evident that when she came there she was sending rays of innocence. "I swear to God, man, she's got on...