Oral History on a man who grew up in the middle east.

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Sevak born in revolutionary Iran, now spends most of his time working to make a comfortable life for his loving family. At the age of 45, signs of his past misery are beginning to surface upon his gradually aging body.

I was born on June first 1968 in the city of Urmi in the Northern part of Iran. I started my activist movements very slowly when I was 18 years old uh, 19 years old when I was first year student in Interior Design revolution started and three years later it actually happened. So I started three years before really the revolution. Of course it starts with talks between friends, but one of the first things we did was uh, organize this group in the University. There was uh some things you know: it was the food was not good or there were things like this that we were asking for better things for the University.

The revolution's main causes were the economics, because the people were living in unfairness. Most people could not take the unfairness anymore. It was both the economics and the lack of democracy. So there was no democracy, plus people were in bad shape economically.

Me and my friends would always think of new ways to you know help and get more people to be aware of what was going on. We'd make fliers and we'd put fliers up and u know distribute fliers, distribute revolutionary magazines, and have meetings, and sell books, and you know talk to people, go to demonstration, organize demonstrations, organize like in factories and stuff like unions, and like organize unions in university, and make offices for our group. Mainly the protests were against the regime for doing things that were not democratic. For example, they would say,