"Is Oral Sex Really Sex?"

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Sex is prevalent in today's culture. We read it in advertisements on billboards. We hear it in lyrics on the radio. We see it on TV with popular shows like Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives. Sex is not a clandestine act anymore in our society. We do not hide the act and restrict the chatter strictly to the marital bedroom anymore. It is a much talked about, much anticipated, and much needed feat of our new millennia culture. With all of the talk and discussion surrounding sex, comes important questions. What exactly is sex? Perhaps an even more intriguing question, and the one I would like to focus on, is oral sex real sex?

Rhonda Chittenden seems to think it is. In her article, Oral Sex Is Sex: Ten Messages about Oral Sex to Communicate to Adolescents, she brings up important issues to talk to teenagers about.

Her thoughts are not prudish either. She is not on a platform telling adolescents that oral sex is bad and to abstain or else. Her article is about making them see that it is real sex just in a different form . With the concept of it being real sex, comes the responsibilities for making the choice to participate in the sexual actions. It is true that one can not get pregnant from oral sex, but the risks of STD's are still very much present. In fact, it might be easier to get some forms of STD's from oral sex. Condoms are most assuredly needed for oral sex in order to prevent and stop the spread of STD's. Something more to ponder, if oral sex were not a form of sex, why would something called a "sexually" transmitted disease result from performing oral sex? I think the answer lies in...