Orange And Graphfruit In Florida

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Orange and grapefruit in Florida have a certain time frame in which they are ready for harvesting. For only certain varieties of oranges ripen during that time frame. The most popular selections of oranges ripen around major holidays, helping to make grapefruit business profitable. There are certain varieties of oranges and grapefruit that ripen during fall, winter, and spring.

Late falls begins the season for most citrus businesses. During fall, the weather becomes cooler, thus, helping the fruit become sweeter. Late October to early November is when the Hamlin Orange is ready to be picked. The Hamlin is a orange used mainly for juicing. It is not an easy peeling orange, but on the contrary it has very few seeds. It is harvested from late October through December.

The month of November is when more varieties of oranges ripen. One, is the Navel Orange. This orange is easy to peel and has no seeds.

This orange is better for eating more than for juicing. Navels are very popular to many consumers, especially at Christmas time. The Orlando Tangelo is another orange hybrid ripened at this time. Like the Navel, the Orlando Tangelo is easy to peel, has little to no seeds, and is better for eating. Also, starting in November, the grapefruit is ready to be picked.

The Navel, the Hamlin, and the tangelo continue to be picked through the month of December. A kind of orange hybrid called the tangerine begins to ripen during this month. This orange is very easy to peel. Tangerines have seeds, but the quantity of seeds varies on the certain kinds of Tangerines. This orange hybrid is mostly used for eating.

January is the last month for most Navels, and tangerines are still available. Minneola Tangelo, also known as, honeybells become popular...