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Process The main strategy for Orange is to ensure that customers and potential customers are managed from the point of very first contact through to the point of very last contact.

Nicola Herring - suoervisor and Brassington 1997 Orange's customer service centres are split into categories. All representatives from the same category are situated together with a supervisor for every 20 representatives.

Below are the following categories they are split into. Representatives are fully trained in all areas.

· Billing · Insurance · Loss, stolen or theft · Help and advice on using the mobile phone · Inclusive minutes left for that month · Tariff guides · Products and services · General Nicola Herring "" Supervisor 2001 All representatives have a data processing unit in front of them. If a potential client calls, each representative immediately ask for their name and address, which is inputted into the system, this is to enable Orange to send out product and service information to potential customers.

For all existing Orange customers, their details are immediately shown on their computer, it gives their name and address as well as all enquiries made within the last month, so to deal with enquiries efficiently.

Gary Coppin "" Representative 2001 Even though Orange do have a queuing system, it is very rarely used as Orange have enough staff to suit the 200 000 calls a day their call centre gets. This is a major element in their customer service. If people are in the queuing system, the latest in chart music is played to them, representing that Orange are keeping with the modern day environment. Nicola Herring-supervisor 2001 Another additional factor is that each representative can give their extension number to customers who wish to contact directly in the event of complicated situations, where more than one...