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EBONY magazine aimed at African-American reader, is more of articles and picture advertisements. It promotes diversity among black people by targeting sophisticated and intelligent black men and women, and exploring topics on black culture ranging from education and history to entertainment, art, health, sports, and social events. Each edition of the magazine's front cover features a black celebrity, and also articles on politics, business and the arts. Without even having to read through the magazine, the reader will receive a diverse amount of information about the African American life. On the cover page of the October 2008 edition, Tyler Perry; an American playwright, screenwriter, actor and director, poses sitting in black and white suit. The third page is the facial close up of black female model with perfect skin color and elegant facial appearance, and a headline "Orange fabuless" in bold character with the "less" more prominent in a red color.

The fourth page features the display of the Target facial cosmetic products in an acrobatic arrangement. This facial picture was meant to reveal the result of applying their advertised cosmetics.

The products advertised are: NYC Lippin' Large, AMBI skin care, SheaMosturizer soap, IMAN Luxury eyeshadow, AMBI daily Moisturizer and NYC nail enamel and an actual orange, all meant to work together for perfect skin like that of the model image, suggesting that the nails highlighted with the toned makeup will look smoother and softer. The language style is confusing but explaining on a second look; "+Add ORANGE = Twist of Color FOR LESS" and the headline of the ad "Orange Fabuless", both showing that the products are cheap compared to their quality. It is also persuasive; "EXPECT MORE PAY LESS". The tone of the language also has an evocative function, because it is addressing and influencing the reader to...