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Picture This!

A Project for the Graphing Calculator

T^3 International Conference

Nashville, TN

March 7-9, 2003


Retha Gipson

Westside High School

1630 Hwy 91W

Jonesboro, AR 72404


Susan Creekmore

Marion High School

One Patriot Drive

Marion, AR 72364


Edited By: Heather Riddle

February 2005

Graphic Art: A Project for the Calculator

NCTM Standards:

Understand patterns, relations and functions

Understand relations and functions and select, convert flexibly among, and use various representations for them

Understand and perform transformations

Student Expectations

The student will:

Apply knowledge of functions to create calculator art

Improve current technology skills and learn new skills

Apply and reinforce knowledge of transformation of functions

Place restrictions on the graphs of functions

Show their creativeness


Graphing calculator

Sheet of sample graphs

Direction sheet with Helpful Hints

Access to a computer with a graph link


This activity is designed to give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of functions and graphing to create their own original art.

The students learn new calculator and computer techniques as they perfect their pictures and use the graph link to print their results. Requiring the students to identify what part of the picture each equation produces enforces the relationship between functions and their graphs. This fun project gives the students an opportunity to be creative in algebra.


Students will need to know:

How to use the graphing feature of their calculator

Basic knowledge of functions and what their graphs look like

Limitations of their calculators

Teacher Notes

Plan to spend at least one class period introducing the project and explaining some of the advanced graphing techniques such as placing restrictions on functions

Work through an easy example with the students. Suggestion: if you do a heart in class require them to do something else for their picture...