Orchestra Rave Competition Topic1: without music, life is a journey through a desert.

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Without music, life is a journey through a desert.

Can you imagine how it would be if no soft notes flowed over you? How it would be to never feel those sweetly sung words caress the dark features of your mind? I wouldn't be able to stand it. An aching world barren beneath the sun that rises again and again, and always with no sweet melody pouring down like rain. Like rain falling on a desolate tract of land that stretches on forever, or in some...other such barren place.

That's what music is to me, you see. Listening to it is like walking in the first rain after weeks and weeks of dry dust. It slips down you and touches you in a thousand ways with frozen fingers that are smooth as velvet. It makes the whole world seem fresh and new and clean. You can even smell damp earth and crushed leaves.

Not only the beat of the music that makes you feel alive as it pounds and vibrates through your whole body. Not only that: The thunder in the rain.

But the words. Words that sing out loud things you half feel - but can't get out on your own.

And not only that, but memories are brought to life in the ghostly shadows old songs throw into your conscious mind.

The words are like bathing in a sun-warmed stream or diving into a crystal clear mountain pools. Pools that shatter into glistening notes when you break through the surface.

Not only music in songs you hear on the radio, or caught for you on CD's - But little noises too. Like everything alive around you. Breathing in and out. The patter of raindrops. Like water - like green things growing beside...