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One weekend ago, I met my friends in a place hidden in the past, a place that is located far beyond the Venezuela of the day before yesterday. We went to a place which is more than a hundred years old. When we arrived at that place we were ecstatic with the beauty of the sight of how the mountains disappeared with the distance. I wondered if I was standing on a place made of stones and boulders how it could be covered with flowers.The owner of that property, as if he could read my curious mind, started to tell us the following story: "A century ago in this house there lived a man named "De la Vega" who grew orchids of almost every species. De la Vega was given a beautiful puppy that looked like the son of Rin-tin-tin and whose name was "Lucky". In a few months Lucky grew big enough to become a watch-dog that could smell an intruder miles away.

Lucky's hobby was biting his own tail after lunch and watching the beautiful landscape. Summer came and "De la Vega" was going to do the same thing he had done for years; visit his family on the other side of the country. De la Vega left home at the beginning of the summer and forgot to leave enough food for the dog. After two days of being home alone ,Lucky was starving and the only thing he found to eat was De la Vega's orchids. After hesitating for a long time about eating the only thing available, Lucky ate the first three orchids he found on his way. The next day he started to change colors and by the next week he seemed to be a kaleidoscope with four legs and a tail. Lucky covered the yard with a colorful carpet and jump over the fence and did the same on De la Vega neighbors' yards. Lucky became addicted to orchids and he could not stop himself from eating the rest of De la Vega's plants. The neighbors were so happy because Lucky had covered that place with flowers in few days. The children came to say hi to him every morning and he wagged his tail to say "hi" and also to "shoo" the butterflies that flew around his tail. Lucky died the day he ate dog food again and everybody still remembers him with deep grief. By the way, Lucky was the son of a friendly dog which everybody called "Macho Domado" that lived in "La Hacienda Las Tapias". Macho Domado was a poetic dog that loved to eat "Azaleas" and the flowers from the "Araguaney" that fall in the yard of his house."