In order to develop you need to go on a journey. Discuss.

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From the day we are born we are continually developing both mentally and physically. Many take a journey to develop themselves faster so they can understand the world around them and themselves. With relation to the autobiography "Lionheart" by Jesse Martin, the poem “journey to the interior” by Margaret Atwood and the novel White Oleander by Janet Fitch I will explore the idea that you need to go on a journey to develop. A physical journey typically entails the movement from one place to another but can involve emotional or imaginative aspects as well. A journey may involve challenges and obstacles which the traveller must face in order to progress, and by conquering these challenges and obstacles a person can gain a better understanding of the world around them, the ways of different cultures and, ultimately, themselves. In this essay I will discuss how a journey will make you more self-reliant and how it is shown in Lionheart and “journey to the interior”.

Explore how the journey can empower your personality by increasing self-esteem in Lionheart and White Oleander. Finally I will discuss how Martin and the speaker from “journey to the interior” show us that while on a journey you to mature both physically and mentally from the frustrations and fear found within the journey.

Any journey taken in the world allows us, as humans, to become more self-reliant, as the challenges along the path need to be conquered, to move on through the journey. By becoming lost when on a journey we are removed from our surroundings, and the things we know and understand, which allow us to learn about ourselves through our self-reliance. The journey taken by Martin in Lionheart makes him more self-reliant among other things “{…} it will all be because this trip...