An ordinary day Question: write a creative story to create a sequel to a previous short story you have read. with in you must include similes metaphors and personifications

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An ordinary day

"Walter Mitty, I've been expecting you." A gentle old mans voice came roaring through a cloud of thick white smoke. A harp coincided with the voice and sounded as though it was a music band consisting of the voice and the harp. The voice of the harp was beautiful playing on the emotion of every human that came in contact with it. Walter couldn't see anyone talking, the smoke was a blanket covering every square inch around Walter, "G-d is that you?" Walter asked curiously. "Listen, don't talk." The gentle old man boomed. "I need your help Walter. I want you to free the Jewish people from their exile in Egypt." There was a pause of silence, Walter was standing tall and proud. "You will take this staff, and with it you shall be able to conquer all evil"....

"Let's go before the crowds start leaving!" Walters's dad said while poking Walter in the ribs.

Walter got up and fallowed his dad to the Exit of the Synagogue, walking with a hunched back. The chief rabbi looked at Walter and his father from the top of the 'bimah' on their way out of the synagogue and said "Good Shabbos!" in a degrading way. Mr. Mitty never liked to stay till the end of the service, he and his son always used to leave before the last prayer to beat the 'getting home traffic' as he used to call it. On the way out of the only reformed synagogue in 'Boca-Raton', Walter had a strange look of unfamiliarity on his face, almost as if he was a stranger at home.

Walter opened the car door and sat in the seat beside his father. The car was in total and utter silence the only noise apparent was...