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In a small town with small neighborhoods, nothing really exciting happens. Especially at Foley High School. Foley high school is just like every other high school, the same bare walls, the same boring classes, and the same time. Although, there is two exceptional things about the high school that makes it weird. Make that three things. One is that the school only serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The second is that the school doesn't let you bring your own lunch; you must eat the lunch that they have there. Then the third thing is that there is a locked door near the kitchens. It is always locked, and always will be locked.

Yepp, Foley High School is a pretty boring place, and Hannah Lox thinks so. She always fells bored in that school. Always had, and always will continue to be. The school doesn't really have the much of a dress code.

But, all of the students seem to dress accordingly, like they were forced to. Hannah is wearing a sleeve-less shirt, a skirt, and sandals. Her dark blonde hair is down. She isn't the type to complain about anything, or even break the rules.

Hannah walks down the corridors slowly, like having no life. She walks into the cafeteria and buys her sandwich automatically. She goes and sits down. Now, normally, she would just eat it, but she doesn't, she looks at it, something that she never has done. She takes apart the sandwich, also something that she never has done. She sees the peanut butter and the jelly bubbling. "EW!" She throws it across the table. She had never been able to do that. A few seconds afterward, she suddenly feels more alive. "hm?" She wonders why suddenly that she feels like she has energy...