Ordinary People

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Ordinary PeopleOrdinary People was about a family, the Jarrett family, who consisted of three, two parents and a son, Conrad, but the family used to consist of four, another son, Buck. The parents enjoyed each other, they were cultured, and they liked going out and being sociable. Their son Conrad just got out of the hospital for trying to kill himself and depression. We find out later in the movie/book that he has done all of this to himself because he thinks it is his fault for the death of his brother. Conrad and his older brother, Buck, were on the swim team at school. Both were good swimmers but Buck drowned one day while they were out together. Conrad felt like there was more that he could have done to save him. Conrad began to see a psychiatrist to get him to realize certain things and to get down to the bottom of his feelings.

After many sessions, Conrad and Dr. Berger, the psychiatrist, developed a relationship. Dr. Berger brings things out of Conrad that he was never able to talk about. He tries to start living a normal life, but it is kind of difficult.

Conrad has a reasonable relationship with his father. They talk, his dad checks on him and frequently asks him how he's feeling. Conrad and his mother's relationship are almost non-existent. She seems as if she is in denial or doesn't want to face her son's death. Her and Conrad hardly have any words. When they do talk, she is either giving an order, suggesting he do something or something very general. She doesn't ask him how he's doing or anything. The father is sort of the "between" person for Conrad and his mother. Beth (the mother) asks Calvin (the father) about Conrad...