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Ore is a mineral substance which is found in rock in the ground. Before it becomes metal it has to be separated from the rock. After the ore is separated from the rock it can be made into lots of different items. Ores we find in Australia include:Mineral oresMetalsType Of Mininghaematite,magnetiteironsurfacebauxitealuminiumsurfacechalcopyritecoppersurface & undergroundsphaleritezincundergroundgalenaleadundergroundpentlanditenickelsurface & undergroundcassiteritetinsurface & undergroundgoldgoldsurface & undergroundFinding the ore is not difficult or nowhere near as hard as it used to be. The ground has mineral all over the place. The problem is finding a big area full of ore deposits. Its not worth extracting ore if you are gonna spend lots of money to dig out a little bit. You would be losing money instead of gaining. Modern technology allows us to use satellites with radars and cameras attached. It doesnt look for ore. It looks for landforms that usually would contain ore. If there is enough then you can bring in the heavy machinery to take it outExtraction�Much of our iron ore is taken out through open cut mining where the surface of the ground is taken away by heavy digging machinery, normally over a big area, to show the iron ore beneath the surface.

Smaller deposits may not be worth removing the surface, deep shafts are dug into the earth.

Refining�The mined ore is crushed and sorted. The best ore contains roughly over 60% iron. Worse ore is treated, or refined, to get rid of other stuff in the ground before the ore is transported to the furnace. The refining method comprises of more crushing, washing with water to separate sand and clay from it and separating with magnets. Seeing as there is now a lot less iron ore in the ground, people can抰 afford to waste any.

�The ore is put on ships or...