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Why You should Become an Organ Donor Why should you become an organ donor? There are plenty of reasons why you should become an organ donor. Many of humans die every hour just because one person didn't become an organ donor. This paper will give facts and reasons why you should become an organ donor.

A person dies every three hours because of the shortage of organ donors. Just one person, can help over 50 people. Organ donation, is the donation of your organs after you have deceased and no longer need them. If you no longer need your organs, why keep them? You can give your organs to someone else that need them and save their life. Only when everything possible has been done to save your life has failed, does donation take place.

Doctors surgically remove the organs needed, then give them to the patient waiting for them.

No cost will be charged for the removal of the organ, nor will any money be paid to the family of the organ donor.

Any one, at any age, can become a donor. Tell your family that you wish to donate your organs if something tragic happens to you. Or, when you go into renew your driver's license they will ask you if you would like to be an organ donor. Say yes, and they will mark a small box on your license saying that you are an organ donor. Families of donors must give their permission before donation can happen. They can stop a donation no matter what you have said or signed. A new name is added to the National Donor Register every 30 minutes. Already 20% of the people who die yearly become an organ donor, but 50,000 Americans are awaiting a transplant, and 12,000 to...