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The practice of organ donation redefines the meaning of death from the ending of physical existence to the end of "personal" or mental existence. It will be much harder to comprehend when we consider a person as actually dead.

We are trying to control people's bodies. Taking power over them as soon as they lose mental capacity.

Humans become an ends to a meansThe body is manipulated and becomes a machine - being used and not being treated like a creation of GodThe state of being dead is now changed - if a person is brain dead they are officially dead but all of their physiological processes are kept operating to keep their organs working for donation. This can be disturbing to medical workers as people considered dead still look very much alive as they maintain their color and body warmth since blood is still being pumped through their body.

The process of taking the organs out of the cadaver can be equally disturbing and shocking to nurses, doctors because instead of makingan incision and taking out an organ and then stitching the incision up and stopping the flow of anesthesia and waking the patient up, the person is left dead not to ever wake up from the surgery. This treatment of the body can be seen as unethical to the medical professionals of the hospital, the family of the patient, and members of the Catholic Church.

The body becomes an object for human intervention. The body no longer having mental rationale or a voice is not able to control what is happening to it.

"Death is no longer a transition from earthly life to eternal life, a meaningful existence." P.. 81Catholic Tradition-Totality (body kept full)-Proportionate and disproportionate means-Natural Law***Since Christ offered his body and blood to us it...