Organic Food Is Better Than Conventional Food

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Diet plays an important role in our daily lives. Balanced diets are important for our health and can help in prevention of many diseases, thus increasing the quality of life. The food that we eat everyday can be categorized into two types, which are organic food and conventional food. Organic foods are those foods that are termed organically grown food which produced without using synthetic fertilizer made with synthetic ingredients, conventional pesticides, genetic engineering, or ionizing radiation (, 2007). Conventional foods are the food that produced by using the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. There is some controversy surrounding this issue. Thus, this research paper will delve into both benefits and setbacks brought by the organic food and conventional food. Finally, we conclude whether organic food is better than conventional food.

Organic foods have no additives, chemical or genetic modification. Organic food is produced through the organic farming method, which is a system of agriculture that uses environmentally sound techniques to grow crops that are free from the synthetic pesticides, conventional hormones and antibiotics by the farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources (Microsoft Encarta, 2006).

Farmers often depend on the fertilizers extracted from the plant, animal wastes, and minerals. These methods seem to increase the soil fertility, the balance of the ecosystem, and reduce pollution. According to Shaw, Ian (2005), organic farmers often using traditional methods that cause a little damage to the environment reduce the environment impact and save our fragile environment.

Organic foods seem to be more environmental friendly compared to conventional foods. Organic foods do not use synthetic fertilizers which can cause water and soil pollution. Organic farming methods are designed to encourage soil and water conservation. Organic farmers conduct sophisticated crop rotation to keep weeds at bay than using chemical weed killers (,