Organisation Behavior ; A reflection on a changing world

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1. Executive Summary

This assignment aims at providing an analysis on organization structure, values, culture and change management in two companies. These companies are operating in the hospitality industry. They are similar in size. Their differences will come from their country of origin.

Much of the information regarding these two international organizations were collected from their website and from face to face interviews with the management. They provided me with information regarding their perception of the company in Dubai but also of the company worldwide (having worked in different hotels in the groups).

The Marriott hotels corporate culture and management style is based on meeting customer needs through excellence in quality, service and hospitality.

The Accor hotels corporate culture and management style aim at satisfying its customers through satisfying its employees.

The results of both studies are interpreted with respect to the literature on organizational behavior.

The two international groups have a very identical matrix structure.

Their objectives and strategies remain similar, becoming the world Number 1 hotel group by offering the customer with quality service.

In the formal proposal we will notice that changes are inevitable whether the forces are internal or external. The pace of development is changing the customer needs. New technology, competition and political instability in this region are indisputable. Nevertheless, changes need to be recognized, accepted and implemented.


2. Research Methodology

Research is a systematic search for information. It is a process of inquiry in which the researcher carefully poses a question and proceeds systematically to gather, analyze, interpret and communicate the information necessary to answer the question. Graziano & Raulin (1997)

To analyze these two companies, the following research methods have been used.

The constraints of that study were the lack of documentation in regards to the employees' perception of the companies and...