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This essay is going to be based on the work "The renaissance of Learning in Business", written by Dr. John W. Thomson.

Intense and global competition and explosion in information technology and the emergence of a knowledge based economy are continually reshaping the world's businesses environment.

According to Dr. W. Edward Demming the purpose of organisational learning and the acquisition of organisational knowledge is to provide the foundation for rapid, dramatic organisational change; increasingly the fundamental requirement for organisational success.

The ability of a company to learn and innovate is an important and direct driver of the company's capability to increase revenues, profits and economic value. To launch new and superior products, to continually improve operating efficiencies and to create more value for customers requires the ability to learn. The penetration of new markets and the achievement of sustained market leadership demands applied learning. Clearly market dominance and large size, without the ability to learn and adapt rapidly, are not sufficient even for survival.

Organisational learning has become a wrong term. In fact an organisation can not learn by itself, however, people learn. With the purpose of understanding how organisations learn, it is important to understand how people learn and share knowledge, the process that sustain the human attitudes and behaviours which are essential to organisational learning, and the psychological circumstances that motivate organisational resistance to learning.


The quotation itself begins as follows: "If we were to describe the mental condition of a young person entering the business community..." Hence, it is fundamental to point out what are the influences of child to learning.


Children are very good at learning when they are very young. However, it seems obvious that adults become quite poor at learning. To understand why, it...