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This paper was a little on the challenging side. I was limited I felt on material I had to write this paper. Since I really do not have any political views. I just vote for whom I think will serve me best for what I want, and who the best candidate is. I do not think it makes sense to vote only Democratic, or Republican. I feel you really can not trust politicians so I don't really get involved. Although I am not a kid anymore and should know more of what is going on around me politically. I do not belong to a church, so I do not have any religious views other than I don't think you have to go to church to believe in a god. Although we do attend church from time to time, we are not members of one particular church. I do enjoy what the pasture has to say, although I could do without all the singing.

So I decided to focus my paper on the organizations I do belong to and participate in, my work, my home environment, and my family.

My perception of the company that I work for has stayed the same. Like any company they have their pro's and con's, "the grass is always greener on the other side". They are overall a better company to work for now than before I started this class. Due to the recent changes and concerns in the company's associate survey, and the awareness and will to correct the areas of concern. It is a good company to work for, although it has its problems. I am sure like many others, This is the only big corporation that I have had the opportunity to work for, so there was an adjustment period at...