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With many programmers describing their jobs as tedious because of the focus on detail in a narrow work area, it becomes important to focus on special changes within the organization. Training should be offered to those wanting to excel in their area. This will not only help the employee, but also the company. To insure the training, specialized test should be given sporadically to insure the employee is on top of his/her area of training. With technology changing everyday this could be very critical. Cross training could be another idea. By this, employees are knowledgeable in more than one area and can serve in more than one are of expertise.

Managers should be respectful and friendly. Authority figures should also remember the "Golden Rule." They should never ask an employee to do something they are not willing to do themselves. I believe a decentralized organization would be more appealing to employees.

It allows them to voice their opinion, which can spark an employee to give their best. It also allows them to feel like they have a say in what happens around their workplace.

Can team empowerment make a difference? Team effort is a major plus within a business. When work is divided between individuals it can take a great deal off all. This helps employees focus on one area, and excel in that area. It also helps get the job done faster and accurately.

What can your company do to encourage and reward innovation? Hard work will only last so long without the proper rewards. Special recognition or incentives should be given to those who go beyond their normal duties or provide excellence within their job. Special incentive should include paid vacations, a raise or bonus, special recognition or even company trips. Proper reward programs show appreciation...