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Organizational Change Plan III

Krista Jex


September 22, 2014

Virginia Weatherston





Organizational change plan III

Organizational change is very challenging, intimidating, and overwhelming. Change is not often customary to those within the involved organization when it comes down to the different areas for change. All organizational leaders need to evaluate and monitor their staff as well as patients throughout this process of change implementation. Consistent monitoring is vital, referring to the success, as well as the desired expectations. The monitoring process changes lengthways. The change path allows leaders to determine the success of process or the need to reevaluate the possibility of altercation. Spector (2010), "Effective leaders communicate downward to make sure employees at all levels understand in clear and in a consistent way the purpose and direction of the firm" (p. 192). In health care, any change of facet in reference to the delivery process is most difficult at its best.

The technology move is much more challenging and difficult. Receiving the support for change helps improve the success of change. By getting the staff involved and on board that will help the implementation of change. The staff having inputs, and involving them will also help to modify the process along the way.

The Effectiveness of Organizational Change

The effectiveness of change can be measured in numerous ways. The overall effectiveness when it comes to change, such as, the ePrescribing requires a collaboration of efforts. All leaders must review all of the current procedures for the renewals of prescriptions that is upon request from other pharmacies. All statistics is reviewed by determining the number of all requests that is received daily. This data is in comparison to the data and statistics that was requested by the...