Organization's expectations & experiences of marketing personnel

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Marketing is a series of dynamic activities that focus on the customer to generate a profitable exchange. Marketers gain knowledge and skills that help them to be proficient in one or more of the marketing functional areas associated with distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, product planning, promotion, purchasing, risk management, and selling skills needed to help customers make satisfying buying decisions and to solve marketing problems. Marketers integrate skills from academic subjects, information technology, interpersonal communication, and management training to make responsible decisions.

Marketing Skills can be summarized as ability to work well with different personalities and backgrounds, ability to persuade and influences others, excellent communication and writing skills, ability to trouble-shoot and problem-solve in and fast paced environment, capacity to handle pressure and meet deadlines, capacity to be outgoing and has good presentation skills & competitive and poised. In other words skills of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence & Entrepreneurship are considered as main essential skills for marketers.

We have carried out a marketing skills research to assess what are the essential marketing skills expected by organizations to survive in the market & whether marketing personnel possess the expected level of skills. In other words we tried to identify any skills gaps between organization's expectations & experiences of marketing personnel.

In this research we mainly concentrate on leadership skills & Emotional Intelligence skills based on the information collected from head of marketing through our interviews. Here in details we would like to talk about these skills, its importance to the company and the way to improve the skills gaps.

Literature Review

In the rapidly changing environment of the new millennium, organization leaders must have the skills and behaviors to guide the development of their leadership capacity and practices to meet the serious challenges in business environment. In the literature, one...