What is an organization? At what three levels is organizational behavior usually examined?

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1. What is an organization? At what three levels is organizational behavior usually examined?More specifically, organization design is a formal, guided process for integrating the people, information and technology of an organization. It is used to match the form of the organization as closely as possible to the purpose(s) the organization seeks to achieve. Through the design process, organizations act to improve the probability that the collective efforts of members will be successful.

Typically, design is approached as an internal change under the guidance of an external facilitator. Managers and members work together to define the needs of the organization then create systems to meet those needs most effectively. The facilitator assures that a systematic process is followed and encourages creative thinking.

There are three chief levels that organizational behaviors are usally examined. These levels are: the individual, the group, and the organization in its entirety. The individual level focuses on personanity, feelings, and motivational affects on how perform on the job.

Awareness and a focal point of how well they work with others is exmined and whether they like what they like the job that they have. The individual level examines the charrateristics of the individual people and how it affects their behavior within their work environment.

The group level examines the two or more people that work together how they interact with one another and they affectively complete their assigned tasks. Organizational group behavior can affect the bavavior of individual members of the organization by influenecing them to comply with the group efforts. This is by inflencing individuals' behaviors and decision making within the organization.

The organization as a whole has a defined characteristic and culture respresent the foundation of that organization. The principles and attitude of the organization influnces how people internally and externally view the...