Organizational Analysis (personal views from taking class Sociology 101 Contemporary Issues in American Business)

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Organizational Analysis

My perceptions have changed immensely due to the learned principles in Sociology 101 Contemporary Issues in American Business. I see that a corporation has not only a responsibility to its stakeholders to make profits but a social responsibility to the community as well. The different principles we discussed in this course I am familiar with just did not know the correct terms for them. Critical thinking is also utilizing in this course. The views of the instructor and the students have helped me to broaden my views on certain issues.

I was previously employed with Harris County Hospital District. The Harris County Hospital District is a nonprofit corporation whose exclusive purpose was to operate for the benefit of all regardless of your ability to pay. I worked in the Communications/Public relations department. Public issues and community focus was always a main concern for Harris County Hospital District.

Now that I work for a company that shows little concern or focus to what is happening in the community I really miss that sense of making a difference. Every focus on my present job with Fox Sports Net is about making profits for the company.

If only my current employer understood how important it is to improve working conditions, lessen environmental impacts or increase employee involvement in decision-making often lead to increased productivity and reduced error rate. And that companies with strong social commitments often find it easier to recruit and retain employees, resulting in a reduction in turnover and associated recruitment and training costs.

Strategic Management of Stakeholder relations consists of Crisis Management, Issues Management and Strategic Planning. To manage relationships within a company these situations must be addressed. Our company need to improve relations with employees moral is really low at our company. It is difficult...