Organizational Behavior

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It is a good idea for every business large and small to create a document about corporate culture, however not nearly as important as the culture being acted out. Having a document stating one thing and managers behaving in the exact opposite could cause the employees to resent, or not trust the managers. This resentment and lack of trust would produce low employee moral. In order for a business to be successful the employees must be supportive of the business, and feel the business is supportive of them. If managers are not supportive, by acting out the culture, then the subordinates will not either, thus inevitable corporate failure.

Richards was a new employee, and therefore could not just start making accusations to management about the culture discrepancies between the document culture and actual culture. Open communication was spoken about with in the document describing meetings as being person to person, on an equal basis, yet when the actual meetings took place the higher executives were in the front creating a not so equal atmosphere.

This not-so-equal feeling could make it difficult for someone like Richards to have 'open communication' with management. The fact that these drastic differences exist at all would also cause for failure in good communication. This is because the managers obviously did not see the differences.

Making changes to an Organizational culture cannot be done only in writing a document stating what the culture should be. Many different things would take a key part in the change, mostly time.

Ø Starting with lectures or seminars for the employees to attend describing the reasons for different aspects of the culture.

Ø Training of the employees to ensure or improve their abilities, and make them feel a sense of self-efficacy.

Ø A reward system, for example an employee...