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Organizational Behavior trends can be found throughout many organizations. They are the styles, fashions and behaviors that are displayed by individuals. Trends in the work place are set by organizational standards or government rulings. These standards are in place to cut down on discrimination so all individuals can be treated equal. Although we live in an ever changing society that is full of color and technology, individual differences still clash in the work place creating chaos and obstruction. Managers have to be able to resolve these barriers without bias or stress. Technology has strengthened out economy but has brought on many challenges. These challenges and dilemmas have to be judged by making good ethical decisions.

Organizational Behavior trends within organizations have changed immensely over decades.

Today, organizational trends are more focused on ethical dilemmas that enforce equality, comply with policy and enrich the lives of their employees. Behavior trends are stemmed from a changing economy and our existing environment.

These changes are made through state and federal regulatory acts, media, eras and modern technology. (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005).

Individuals follow the trends that society offers that will meet their needs or personality. Trends are brought to the workplace and sets precarious examples. Management enforces a code of conduct within an organization to prevent unwanted trends that are un-appropriate for that organization. "Members must ensure that their ethical frameworks extend to the organization as a whole" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005, pg.16). This helps to inform the employee(s) of what is expectable behavior and justifies organizational rules.

Trends vary and may be applied in a different manor as another organization. Varying trends may consist of dress codes and language where some trends are world wide or even global. These trends are standards set by the Government to reduce discrimination.