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Organizational Behavior TrendsNumerous trends can be evaluated in organizational behavior; but two trends: impact of technology on work-related stress and influence of ethical decision-making have a tremendous impact on employees. There are many factors in our daily lives that can cause or alleviate stress. But how does technology play a role in impacting stress? Does technology affect us positively or negatively? In the following paper, both the positive and negative impacts of technology on work-related stress of employees and the overall organization will be revealed. In addition, it will also be discussed how one's ethics, in general, has an influence on decision-making process.

Over the last century, the nature of work has changed drastically and is still undergoing the change at very rapid speed. There was a time when everything was done by hand. Now, we have various types electronic machines at workplaces to create new market opportunities. The use of technology has reduced work-related stress of employees by reducing the amount of time it would take to work on specific task if done by hand and making work so much easier than before.

For instance, at my workplace, price scanning registers result in faster customer service, which has controlled the chaos of having long waiting lines of customers, and thus reducing the stress level of the employees taking care of customers.

Technology does not only contribute to alleviate the work-related stress of the employees of the organization; it has been successful to influence the organization as a whole in positive manner. The ability of firms to better determine what they want and to electronically track the purchase behavior of customers is changing the nature of the business today. Now, organizations can have an access to accurate information not only about customers and competitors but also about industry forecasts and...