What is Organizational Behavior?

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Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is essential to creating a strong, prosperous business or corporation.This paper will introduce organizational behavior. It will present trends and theories about this fairly new field. Other relevant topics that will be discussed are organizations, employment relationships, organization behavior trends, and the five-anchor system.

Organizational Behavior

In order to grasp the concept of organizational behavior it must be defined. Organizational behavior is the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organizations (Mcshane & Glinow, 2005). Organization behavior has been around before it was unified in 1940. Its history or birth of ideas draw from Aristotle and evolve through Confucius, Adam Smith, Max Weber, Frederick Taylor and Elton Mayo. These philosophers also needed to have an understanding of an organization to write about its behaviors.

An organization is a group of people who work interdependently toward a goal or purpose.

There are three main reasons to study organizational behavior. They are for understanding organizational events, influencing organizational events, and predict organizational events. All of these are events are essential to help an organizational reach goals. The lack of this structure would make organizations unbalanced and difficult to manage.

Organizational Behavior Trends

As technology began to change, organizational behavior also changed. These changes eventually became trends. The first trend that will be discussed is globalization. Globalization is economic, social, and cultural connectivity with people in other parts of the world (McShane & Glinow, 2005). Globalization is often broken down to competitors around the world. The importation and exportation between countries is also considered. Globalization can be positive or negative. It can provide new business opportunities, create new jobs and build an economy. Globalization can also be negative through job outsourcing and not providing economic wealth to poorer countries. The success of...