Organizational Behavior

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In today's marketplace, the pressure to succeed is intense. Never before has a company's efficiency and profitability been so closely measured and studied. Without a well-tuned team in place and leadership to motivate and encourage communication and teamwork, a company is doomed to fail. This paper explores the notion that management of communication is a key to organizational success. The culture of an organization depends on the unique character of its employees and members. A caring organization will, for instance, promote a culture of kindness, support, and cooperation, whereas a hierarchical organization will promote a culture of obedience and discipline. An organization's culture is reflected in its values and mission statement and is also evident in the attitude and job satisfaction of its members. High turnover rates among employees may indicate that an organization needs to reconsider and revamp its culture.

Organizational culture also comprises a set of practices that characterizes the organization and distinguishes it from others.

If a leader appears not to be concerned, then more than likely the team members will not be either. Internal cues, both verbal and non-verbal are extremely important to not only success but just day-to-day functioning. In order to avoid a complete break down in communication one recommendation is to institute effective, reliable leadership because that will build trust and communicate skills. First leadership must be put in place then a change of policy can be put into place. There must be consistency with the chain of command where both the product and the use of the product are concerned. Everyone must have the same perception of the organization's objective. Everyone within the organization must be on the same page.

Organizational MissionThe mergers that formed Verizon were many years in the making, involving companies with roots that can be traced to the...