Organizational Behavior

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The concept of organizational behavior can be stated simply-"organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in organizations. It is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics." (Schermerhorn, Jr., Hunt, & Osburn, 2006, p. 3). The intent of this paper is to discuss the concepts of organizational behavior and culture, diversity, communication, business ethics and change management and provide examples of these concepts from the writer's workplace, Carle Foundation Hospital.

Organizational BehaviorA concept of organizational behavior is using the skills of the employees to help reach the end goal of the company. This is a strategic managerial approach to organizational behavior. This will also help achieve and maintain the competitive edge. Individually, many factors play a role to determine a person's worth. Some of the factors include self-managing, personal skills and attitude. On the interpersonal level, some of the factors include any conflicts amongst the different functions and departments, the communication between the departments and the quality of the leaders.

The culture and the different policies play a very important part of the organizational level. Carle is exceptional in its organizational behavior. Most of the executive management and vice presidents were once either regular employees or started out many years ago in a low level managerial position.

Organizational CultureThe culture of an organization is intertwined in the organizational behavior. The culture can be defined as "the shared beliefs and values that influence the behavior of organizationalmembers." (Schermerhorn, Jr., Hunt, & Osburn, 2006, p. 9). A strong culture breeds a brilliant organization. The organizational culture that exceeds with excellence will have an understandable vision and focus. The organization encourages positivity, teamwork, creativity and new ideas. A weak culture will be disorganized and ethics are amiss. There will normally be no trust or...