Organizational Behavior and Trends

Essay by eshla November 2006

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Decision making and technology play two very important roles in the way organizations are run. The way these trends are handled can help to make or break the organization. In this paper, I will discuss how ethics influences decision making and the impact technology has on work related stress. Although these are only two of the trends impacting organizational behavior, there are many more that I will not be able to cover in this paper.

Decision making involves identifying a problem, choosing and implanting a course of action to fix the problem, and follow up if it's required. (Schermerhorn and Hunt and Osborn 2003) It can be difficult to incorporate ethics into the decision making process. Our text, Organizational Behavior, suggests a few steps to assist in incorporating ethics into decision making. The text suggests: developing a code of ethics and following it, establishing procedures for reporting violations, involving employees in identifying ethical issues, monitoring ethical performance, rewarding ethical behavior, and publicizing effort.

(Schermerhorn and Hunt and Osborn 2003)

When a decision is made, it should be the right decision for the company in general without any bias or favoritism. When a decision is biased, it could very well turn out to be a poor business decision because you are trying to cater to someone in the organization and not doing what is right for the organization as a whole. An example of employee favoritism would be in granting vacation time to a "friend" instead of having established guidelines pertaining to vacation approvals. Vacation should be granted either according to company seniority or on a first come/first service basis. Taking care of "friends" within a company that either lacks policies regarding vacation requests or makes decisions without regard to established policies creates bad feelings among co-workers. This dissention...