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The performance and success of an organization is often reflective of the how well the employees achieve the overall goals of the organizational strategy. However, an organizational strategy must take into consideration certain internal and external forces that can affect the behavior and ability of the employees to achieve the desired results. Contingency planning allows for organizations to make changes in the strategy as unforeseen forces impact behavior that can jeopardize the organization's success. Change, whether planned or unplanned, is a natural occurrence in the workplace and is necessary for organizational growth. However, change can affect organizational behavior and as cited by Shermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn in the text Organizational Behavior, "[change] feels something like this: scary, guilty, painful, liberating, disorienting, exhilarating, empowering, frustrating, fulfilling, confusing, challenging. In other words, if feels very much like chaos" (2004, (1) p. 6). While acknowledging that change is attributable to these feelings of chaos, it is also important for organizations to understand how and what forces can cause the change that impacts behavior.

Team A will analyze the forces of organizational missions, customer demand, competition, and restructuring within Aetna, Constellation Energy, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Verizon, and Union Bank of California to determine the impact on organizational behavior in each of these organizations.

Organizational Missions

The mission statement of an organization communicates the goals, vision, and culture of that organization. More importantly, this simple one or two sentence declaration of purpose is effective in motivating and mobilizing employees. Organizational missions are an internal force that dictate organizational behavior and set a foundation for strategic and ethical structure.

Though the organizations of Team A are in diverse industries, their mission statements have a common thread, a link that can be found in the values of most firms; this common thread...