Organizational Behavior Forces

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Many organizations have a strategic plan that focuses on the goal of where the company wants to be in a given amount of time. The mission of the company will cover many areas of interest such as attracting potential customers and the service that is expected. The mission statement for an organization is the long term vision which provides a path of research in the market of interest. Most companies face internal and external forces that will have a strong effect on the organization. There are many internal and external forces that can affect the economy and the support for the business. Internal forces are those that are within the company and the company can try to change. External forces are forces that cannot be controlled by the company. Restructuring within a company can cause a lot of stress on all employees. Many times competition also can be an external force that can cause problems for a company.

In this paper, Team B will look at forces such as restructuring, the mission, fiscal policies, competition, economy, customer demands and globalization that affect organizations.


Of the three modes of restructuring strategies the type that catches the most headlines is Organizational Restructuring. In this strategy the terms downsizing, redesign and layoffs are often used. Many times a company tries to redesign the organization for one of two major reasons: (1) either they have changed the strategic thrust of the company, or (2) the organization has drifted away from the original design of the company. Organizational restructuring will normally change the levels of management in the company, affect the span of control or shift product boundaries. There is also a change in production procedures and compensation associated with this strategy. Reduction in the work force is the main by-product that accompanies...