Organizational Behavior Forces

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AbstractOne of the most important aspects of being part of a management team in an organization is to create and maintain an environment that encourages a collaborative effort .This the organizations culture is necessary to the survival of the organization. With both internal and external forces influencing the organization managers need to be able to effect change. To be too successfully effect change leaders in the organization must be able to analyze and evaluate the various aspect of the organizations culture. Observing and understanding the organizations culture is vital to being able to implement new strategies. If the new strategies are inconsistent with the organizations culture the new strategies will fail.

Every organizations culture is unique defined by the values, and beliefs of its leadership and members. The members of the organization have there own perceptions of the organization, some of the member's perceptions will be very similar on some aspects and very different on others.

The perceptions are based on each individual's experiences and familiarity with the particular subject.

During the early nineties the leadership of our organization decided to relocate the company from the east coast of the United States to the west coast. Many of the employees opted to move to the west coast with the company, creating a new blend of west and east coast employees. The organizations culture remained relatively intact but the some very notable differences between the two groups, east and west. As time elapsed the east coast members of the organization would often reminisce of past experiences. Being manufacturing equipment designs come and go with some being more notable than other. Sometimes a unit would be pulled from inventory and impromptu discussions of events past would help bond them together. The stories of past major events and situations bot5h funny and sad...