Organizational Behavior: What it means to any Organization today

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Abstract:Organizational Behavior is the study on how people and individuals act in an organization and how management interacts with its employees. Study and application of many different types of organizational philosophies has created a systematic approach on how to deal with the various people-group interactions. OB can cover a wide range of topics such as people adjustment to change or lack of, Individualism versus teamwork, social systems and different cultural approaches to the same problem. Leaders must study OB because there are many different types of issues that are in the workplace that didn't exist thirty years ranging from the quick flow of information with email to more multicultural global workforce that transcends borders and future changes that are coming in the near future.

Leaders that studied Organizational BehaviorResearching many Forbes 500 companies and their CEO's has shown me how sensitive they are to their employees feelings and the company's success in their particular industry goes hand in hand.

Bob Eckert the CEO of Mattel has stellar leadership qualities (Neff & Citrin 2005) when taking his post he told his future managers at an ice breaker to get together and put a list of questions that they might have in regards to his leadership style thus clearing the air between them and easing any apprehensions they might have.

The changes in an Organizational ideologyIn the past thirty years corporate hierarchy has taken a 180 degree turn in its management ideology. Usually there was a pecking order in when a superior said jump you would say how high? Any requests would have to go through a long bureaucratic process without proper oversight And were usually were met with the reply " Do what you're told". Now there is a leaner management with feedback from employees thru blogs and online surveys that even customers can partake in. Let us examine the practices of the church one of the oldest and largest institutions in the world they have an extremely bureaucratic system to get anything done especially in dealing with paedophiles'. Instead of dealing with the issue they just transferred the priest to another parish until the time came to confront the problem. In 2002 a specific case came to light in regards to Father John Geoghan and the church tried to cover it up like it used to but instead the matter became a national movement and the church was forced to defrock him. The question is why this happen now when for years conventional media reported events like this and nothing happened on this scale. Why this specific scenario one may ask and research by Shirky (2008) study the progressive growth of the internet and weblogs allow people/employees to share information and grievances more quickly than ever before creating pressure for changes faster. Technology now makes organizations think twice about doing something unethical because of collective action that is at play now is stronger than ever before.

Gender issues in the workplaceMen now have to contend with working underneath woman managers which didn't exist thirty years ago. They have different managing skills ( McShane & Glinow, 2006) that woman tend to have a more hands on approach then men and require more participation of their employees. Possible reasons can be that they are raised to be more egalitarian then boys are and less status oriented allowing them to cross barriers and get things done. Management has found that even though women now make up of 48 percent of the workplace they still face many challenges. Ellig(2009) explains that men still dominate upper tier management and woman have to deal with sexual passes which sometimes can threaten their careers if rebuffed and the common ways to deal with it is to be proactive to prevent these problems from occurring.

Conclusion on Organizational behaviourAs we can see that organizational behaviour takes a pivotal role now in corporate America. It can be applicable from Human resources down to the lowest position in an organization because everyone must be able to work together as a cohesive unit. Leadership has changed because of OB and leadership has taken a different approach as a result of it. Management stricter is now leaner than ever before because OB puts emphasis on teamwork, collaborative action and individual empowerment. Company culture has changed research by Bill (2001) that culture alone can determine a company's success or failure. OB has in short revolutionized the workplace that people just a generation ago working in the same company probably wouldn't recognize the place they used to work in.

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