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High performance and high quality are two areas that organizations must focus on within the operations of the company. Companies that can continually motivate their employees to be high performers and consistently achieve and exceed high quality standards will set themselves apart from the competition. "Success in any work setting depends on a respect for people and an understanding of human behavior in complex organizational systems. It also depends on the commitment to flexibility, creativity, learning, and willingness to change with the challenges of time. That is the message of today, and it will be the message of tomorrow." (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005).

Organizations focus on several concepts to achieve high performance and quality. Those areas include organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness and efficiency, and learning. The details below will explain the terminology of the concepts.

Terminology of Concepts

Organizational Behavior

Organization behavior is the study of how employees act individually and as part of groups within an organization.

This concept deals with such behaviors as how employees interact with one another, team dynamics, responses to changes in leadership and technology, and work-life balances.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can be considered the personality of the organization. Organization culture includes the actions, values and beliefs of the employees of the organization, and the behaviors of those employees. Culture is something that can be sensed but not necessarily seen. It is not easy to convey, but employees know it when they sense it. Organizational culture can be considered a system of external adaptation and internal integration. External adaptation takes into consideration such things as identifying the tasks to be accomplished, the methods to be used to complete the tasks, how to cope with the success or failure of the tasks, telling the public...