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This paper will evaluate trends in organizational behavior as it relates to the influence of ethics on decision making and the impact of technology on work-related stress.

How does the influence of ethics affect decision making in organizations? What does it mean to be ethical? Questions as such has been increasingly important since the scandals in the 1990's and early 2000's because of companies like Enron, ImClone, Arthur Anderson, WorldCom, and Healthsouth. Many of the organizations suffered public humiliation because of financial fraud and such. Ethical behavior is critical in order to preserve the name and business of such organizations. Employees of organizations are faced with making ethical decisions on a daily basis. Such decisions are not always of such magnitude. In fact, they can be very minimal in scale, however can still have negative impacts on overall behavior of organizations.

The word "ethics" is important in OB, as it is to society at large.

We can generally agree that ethical behavior is that accepted as morally "good" and "right," as opposed to "bad" or "wrong," in a particular setting. (Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, 2005). What can organizations do to build an organization based on ethical principles? They must hire employees who are aware of the consequences of the judgements they make. They must look for those who are concerned with the effects on everyone involved including the customers, vendors and employees.

Technology has impacted today's workforce in both positive and negative ways. New technology continues to make it possible for organizations to become more and more productive, however, technology has had some negative effects on work-related stress. The introduction of personal computers, cell phones, pagers, video-conferencing, etc., make it possible for employers to reach their employees anytime; anywhere and has forced employees to gain a clear understanding...