Organizational Behavior Trends Paper

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There are many trends that occur within an organization. I will evaluate two trends that are part of an organizations behavior; first, I will investigate the impacts of ethics on decision-making, and will discuss the elements of an ethically defensible decision. Secondly, I will discuss the impact of technology on work related stress.

What is ethics? One definition is, the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation; a set of moral principles or values. (Webster, M. 2003 Merriam Webster dictionary).Managers should be consistent with their decisions, always being fair, responsible, trustworthy, and have respect for all people, especially those who may be negatively affected by the decision. If managers follow the guidelines set forth in the six pillars of character, they will improve the ethical quality of their decisions. The first is trustworthiness, possessing this quality earns a person complete trust, everyone is getting accurate information and will grant that person more leeway.

To maintain this level of respect from others means to refrain from all forms of deception and strive for excellence. Second is respect: To possess this quality means to treat people with civility, be courteous and decent. Accept individual differences and beliefs without prejudice and judge others only on their character, abilities, and conduct. The third is responsibility, do not shift blame towards others. Be relentless in the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement to do the best job possible. Exercise self-control, delay gratification, and never feel that you need to win at any cost. The fourth pillar is fairness: Being fair means to be impartial when gathering and evaluating information necessary to make decisions. Own up to, and correct mistakes promptly and voluntarily. Do not take advantage of the weakness or ignorance of others. The fifth pillar...